Olalla FastNet

Providing High Speed Internet Access to
Olalla, Porter Creek, Tenmile, and Hoover Hill

Latest News

2/2016 In a major upgrade, Olalla FastNet has installed a Fiber Optic Internet feed at our core location, boosting capacity by more than 6x and improving reliability and latency. As a result we have increased all subscribers rates to 6Mbps on both uplink and downlink directions. As part of the upgrade we also upgraded our core router for higher capacity and replaced the aging backup power system at our main tower.

2015 Over a period of a few months all of our older generation radios and antennas have been upgraded to newer technology. This will help ensure the best performance and availability for our subscribers.

7/5/2012 Olalla FastNet website rebuilt using HTML5 and relocated to a new host.

6/8/2012 Olalla FastNet turns four years old.

10/16/2011 Olalla FastNet upgrades core router to improve performance. The new router offers better performance, management and filter protections against hacker scans and spam generators.

2/10/2010 Olalla FastNet has grown to serve over 35 subscribers in the Olalla, Porter Creek, and Tenmile areas.

1/30/2011 Olalla FastNet has improved coverage near the junction of Olalla and Ireland roads.

3/1/2010 Olalla Fastnet can now provide broadband service to clients near the summit of Hoover Hill road.

2/17/2010 Olalla Fastnet has improved coverage to the Porter Creek area and the East end of the Tenmile Valley.