Olalla FastNet

Providing High Speed Internet Access to
Olalla, Porter Creek, Tenmile, and Hoover Hill

Cost and Billing

Olalla Fastnet bills only on an annual basis to keep our costs, as well as yours, low. The service cost is $500 per year, equivalent to $41.66 per month, and due annually on February 1.

For that price you currently get access to 6Mbps per second bi-directional, low latency, high quality Internet bandwidth with personalized local support. As we add subscribers we will add bandwidth, and all existing subscribers will get the benefit of this additional bandwidth at no additional cost.

Startup Costs

To get started, you would need to purchase your subscriber radio and installation, and pay a pro-rated fee for the remaining year up to next February 1. The subscriber radio is typically $100 although in some cases less expensive units are available. Installation in most cases is also $100, but may be higher for particularly difficult situations or where special mountings or excessive cable lengths are required. We will assist in setting up your computer and recommend any upgrades needed (like additional memory or anti-virus/anti-malware software to protect you) to get the most from the service. If you need to connect multiple computers or wish to connect using WiFi in your home you will also need a home router, which you can purchase locally or we can provide at reasonable cost if you let us know in advance of the need. We will set up the home router as well if it is present at time of install. The equipment and install cost is due in full at the time of installation and your acceptance.

First Year Pro-Rated Costs

For the first year the pro-rated annual service cost will be $1.37 per day from the day of activation to the next February 1. We understand that this can be a big bump in the budget if it hasn't been planned, so for the first year we are willing to break this sum up into a few monthly payments beginning on the first of the month following installation.

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