Olalla FastNet

Providing High Speed Internet Access to
Olalla, Porter Creek, Tenmile, and Hoover Hill

About Olalla Fastnet

Olalla Tower
Jerry makes a service call

Olalla Fastnet is a small Wireless Internet Service Provider based in rural Douglas County, Oregon, and serving clients in the Olalla, Porter Creek, and Tenmile areas.

Jerry Frisbie is the owner, operator, financier, and bill collector of Olalla Fastnet.

Back in 2008 Jerry was one of the very few residents of the Olalla / Porter Creek / Tenmile area that was able to receive Broadband service, via a wireless connection from Douglas FastNet's Marster's Ridge tower. Unfortunately, a new cell tower introduced a competing signal that made that connection impossible to use. In searching for solutions in order to maintain his home-based business Jerry found he was able to get a line-of-sight to Douglas FastNet's Lookingglass tower by sighting down Strickland Canyon, but was too high and too far out to be reached by the subscriber radios on that tower. The only alternative was an expensive dedicated point to point microwave system. In talking with Lynn Quam, a neighbor who works remotely with Silicon Valley companies and was stuck with painfully slow (for remote terminal access) Satelllite based service, a scheme was hatched to purchase wholesale bandwidth from Douglas FastNet and resell it as a service to neighbors in the Olalla Valley. Recuiting wireless and network engineer Dave Foley to provide technical input, the jolly threesome set off on a grand quest to electronically enlighten the neighborhood.

Residential Installation
The radio is the small white rectangle
to the right of the Satellite dish.

Now, a few years later, Olalla Fastnet has many subscribers and a direct Fiber Optic feed to Douglas FastNet's Internet infrastructure. It has established coverage throughout Porter Creek, the Olalla valley, and Tenmile from two tower locations and six transmitters.

Olalla Fastnet is built on professional grade equipment, including Wireless ISP radios by Ubiquiti, and provides deep battery backup to it's transmission sites. We keep services offered to a minimum - just basic Internet access - to keep costs and support requirements down. The subscriber equipment costs $100 or less and installation requires only a single Ethernet cable from inside your house to an outdoor antenna. Power to the radio is supplied over the same cable, and the outdoor equipment is generally small and unobtrusive. (Some fringe areas may require larger, "BBQ Grill" type antennas. Sorry about that.)

The service works by sharing the bandwidth of the fiber optic connection from DFN between our subscribers. We limit subscribers to something less than the full bandwidth of the shared connection (currently 6Mbps upstream and downstream per subscriber) to minimize the problem of one subscriber impacting others. We request that subscribers not use file-sharing applcations like BitTorrent as these are specifically designed to use all of the bandwidth available, and which could still impact other users on the system. File sharing users also tend to get us notices from the copyright police that we are required by law to act upon, and which may cause your service to be limited or terminated.