Olalla FastNet

Providing High Speed Internet Access to
Olalla, Porter Creek, Tenmile, and Hoover Hill

Olalla Tower
Olalla Fastnet's Olalla radio tower

Olalla Fastnet is a local Broadband Internet provider based right here in Olalla. We use terrestrial (not satellite) microwave radio technology to provide service over a wide area at low cost and high performance.

Douglas County, Oregon is a beautiful place to live, unless you really need broadband Internet service and live outside of Roseburg or another of the islands of connectivity in the area.

Much of the County has no terrestrial broadband service available, leaving very expensive and mediocre performing Satellite as the only alternatives for access to the Internet and the vast array of services and products it offers. Cable and DSL often only serve areas close to town, and even then coverage isn't assured. You are probably one of the folks beyond their reach, or you wouldn't be reading this.

Olalla Fastnet was created to help our friends and neighbors here in the Olalla, Porter Creek, and Tenmile area. Here's how it works:

Olalla Valley
Olalla Valley view toward Porter Creek

For under $42 per month ($500 per year, paid annually) subscribers get 6Mbps up and down speeds with low latency and high availability.

While we cannot provide service to every home in the coverage area we are continually working to improve our coverage footprint. Wireless provdes fast, reliable, and cost-effecive coverage, but doesn't go through hills and trees very well, and this County has an awful lot of hills and trees. The only way to tell for sure if we can meet your Internet access needs is to do a site survey to check on the strength of the received radio signal at your location.